Tempo di Bellezza

Daniela Vignati - Andrea Piccinelli

Open on 12/13, 19/20 February
Opening hours:
Saturday 14-17,
Sunday 10,30-12,30/14-17

Beauty does not scratch the eye, but caresses the heart and soul.

Set in a Monferrato amphitheatre of vineyards, a beautiful farmhouse and the artistic works of Vignati-Piccinelli are ready to welcome you to experience a happy and rare space-time in BEAUTY.

Daniela Vignati was born in Milan and approached art at a very young age when she collaborated with the sculptor Omar Ahmed Ali' in managing a workshop where she worked with metal to create furnishing accessories and jewellery. At the same time she attended the Anthroposophical Art School where he developed the idea of artistic exercise as a means of personal growth and therefore of the usefulness of social art. She has always offered painting seminars for adults and children, proposing a working method that is the result of both study and knowledge acquired in the cognitive field and continuous personal artistic research in the field of visual arts. In recent years she has dedicated herself to videomaking both in the field of fashion and for video installation projects that she has presented in a number of exhibitions. She exhibits in Italy and abroad and her works are present in various collections in Europe.

Andrea Piccinelli was born in Turin and spent his childhood among exceptional women and in contact with the most important Turin artists of the time. He attended the Vittorio Veneto Art School and the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Sciences. His artistic versatility led him to work in graphic printing sciences. His artistic versatility has led him to work professionally in the fields of advertising graphics, cartoons, set design, theatre, lighting direction, design and creation of green spaces, sculpture, painting and poetry. For a short time he directed a cinema, a hostel of the European community and as a collaborator of the Hiroshima club, for a few years the exhibition space Nagasaki. He has worked with Armando Testa, Giugiaro, Pininfarina, Lindsay Kemp and Peter Gabriel. Curious about the world, he travels, sowing his works in Los Angeles, New York, New Delhi, Casablanca, Turin, Jansalmer, Copenhagen, Roskilde, Barcelona, Santa Fe, Ensenada, Vineland and Moscow.