Named after my grandfather, whose name was Gioacchino Natale, but whom everyone called Natalin. This variety was his favorite wine, and has always been grown in these hills. I pulled it up in 1999 because the vineyard was too difficult to reach with the tractor to treat. In 2016 I replanted it on the same hillside where 'Natalin' planted his first vineyard, as well as rented an old vine organic vineyard in 2017. Worked in the old fashioned and traditional way, fermented and raised in 100% cement, and bottled in late spring under the 'buona' moon as my grandfather did. A fresh and bright expression not with out delicate tannin.

Technical Data

Vintage 2018
Apellation Vino Rosso
Fermenting vats Cement
Fermenting temperature < 30°C
Yeasts Indigenous yeasts
Length of maceration 12 days
Malolactic fermentation in cement
Ageing vessels Ciment
Ageing period 6-8 months
Clarification & filtration Not clarified or filtered
Bottle ageing 2 mesi
Bottles produced 10000
Alcohol 12.5% vol.

Vineyard data

Production area Montaldo di Cerrina Monferrato
Vineyard name Diverse
Aspect East, North, West
Altitude 300m
Soil Calcarious clay
Vineyards planted in 1990, 1970, 2016
Planting density 5000 vines/ha
Yield 1.5 kg per vine
Harvest date Mid September