Rossore is likely to be the colour of your cheeks after drinking this wine! It's a fine, elegant and eminently drinkable wine.

Our objective is to make a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Piedmontese wines.

Technical Data

Vintage 2020
Apellation Vino Rosso
Fermenting vats Cement
Fermenting temperature < 30°C
Yeasts Indigenous yeasts
Length of maceration 21-28 days
Malolactic fermentation in cement
Ageing vessels Large barrels 17-25Hl
Ageing period 24 months
Clarification & filtration Not clarified or filtered
Bottle ageing 6 mesi
Bottles produced 12000
Alcohol 14.5% vol.

Vineyard data

Production area Montaldo di Cerrina Monferrato
Vineyard name Diverse
Aspect South
Altitude 350m
Soil Calcarious clay
Vineyards planted in 1985-1990
Planting density 4000 vines/ha
Yield 1 kg per vine
Harvest date Last week of September, first week in October