Stay with us

A peaceful and silent place, far from every care...

In the village the elderly still call it "la Corte," a name that evokes the large, central courtyard of the building. The villagers do not necessarily know or understand its architectural history: they simply use that name as a tribute to the elegance and importance of the place.

The large farmhouse, built at the end of the XVII Century, still towers and sternly watches over the wild scenery of magnificent Monferrato of raw, untame splendour. Here, in this corner of Monferrato, everything has remained unspoiled, exactly as it was a hundred years ago.

At dusk, watching the hills and the vineyard from the windows of the appartment, one feels the overwhelming presence of what the Italian writer Cesare Pavese once called "the myth"...

The Apartment

In 2013 we decided to turn the old hay loft above one of our cellars into a independent self catering apartment, so that our friends and clients have an opportunity to stay with us on our farm. The apartment has all the modern conveniences of a full kitchen, bath, king bed and sleeper sofa, but was restructured with respect for the walls and beams from the 1700’s, when it was built. The large windows on the south wall floods the apartment with light from the hills and vineyards below, giving our guests a sense of serenity and timelessness.



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