Umberta is first of all a friend after whom we have named this Barbera. As we consider the Barbera to be a feminine grape, this seemed appropriate!

The wine is fresh, fruity, clean and easy to drink. We firmly believe that the entry level wine of any producer should above all be approachable and eminently drinkable.

Technical Data

Varieties Barbera 100%
Apellation Vino Rosso
Fermenting vats Stainless steel
Fermenting temperature < 30°C
Yeasts Indigenous yeasts
Length of maceration 10 days
Malolactic fermentation in tank
Ageing vessels Ciment
Ageing period 10-11 months
Clarification & filtration Not clarified or filtered
Bottle ageing 3 mesi
Bottles produced 18000
Alcohol 13.5% vol.

Vineyard data

Production area Cerrina Monferrato
Vineyard name Diverse
Aspect South
Altitude 380m
Soil Calcarious clay
Vineyards planted in 1940-1999
Planting density 4000-5000 vines/ha
Yield 1.5 kg per vine
Harvest date Prima settimana di ottobre